Il Mulino

The vibe here is Old World; black-suited Italian waitstaff are solicitous and formal, the dining room is dim and cozy, and prices are unabashedly high. Read More


In Venice, a bacaro is a workingman’s pub offering the city’s traditional bar snacks: platters of mixed crostini, fritto misto, fried sardines, and polpette (tiny spicy meatballs). In New York City, Bacaro is a bi-level wine bar and osteria that pays homage to its Venetian inspiration. Hidden away on Division … Read More

Il Buco

Il Buco began its life in the 90’s as an antique shop, selling dishware, copper pots, chairs and paintings collected from Mediterranean travels. At one point, the owners started serving midday Italian meals to their customers. The shop soon evolved into an enoteca, then a full-fledged restaurant specializing in ultra-fresh … Read More