Mr. Chow

A TriBeCa institution since 1978 and a favorite of the 80’s art scene, the dining room quite literally dangles its credentials point blank: featuring ominous, jumbo-sized original portraits. Read More

Cheim & Read

Founded in 1997 by co-owners John Cheim & Howard Read from the Robert Miller Gallery, this prestigious Chelsea hallmark has had two homes in the art-centric neighborhood. Read More

The Odeon

Opened over twenty years ago, this landmark restaurant is the classic TriBeCa hangout for New York’s fashionable elite. Read More

Whitney Museum

Now at it’s new downtown home, the Whitney Museum exhibits a wide range of work by major artists of the twentieth-century and today, as well as relatively young and unknown up-and-comers. The Museum’s invitational signature exhibition, the Biennial, stands as the nation’s only continuous series of exhibitions to spotlight developments in … Read More