Shane Fonner

We asked Shane Fonner, the Tribeca-based creative director of the emerging menswear line Palmiers du Mal, for a list of his true obsessions. From knowing Shane, his answers were quite fitting. “Travel, fashion, and the luxury lifestyle,” he responded – although we knew one was missing. “Oh, and Tottehham Hotspur football.” There we go. Here, we learn about more of Shane’s NYC obsessions.

Where did you grow up? Harrisburg, PA

Where do you currently live in NYC? Tribeca

What would the title of your autobiography be? “Tell me do you miss me” or, “The Lost Weekend.”

What can’t you travel without? Rescue Skin Care – it stimulates your own stem cells to repair blemishes, sunburns, and early wrinkles. Oh, and kaftans.

What’s your favorite travel destination? Marrakech, Morocco. I was recently married there, and it’s a fascinating blend of Arabic and European cultures. The colors, sights, and smells are endlessly inspiring.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in NYC? Brunch, followed by a walk alongside the Hudson River.

If you could choose one person to show you “their New York City,” who would it be? Iris Apfel – she’s an NYC legend, and seems to have the most interesting life. Her history of world travel and finding objects throughout various cultures and aesthetics is truly inspired.

What has inspired you recently? Always travel – even if it’s somewhere I haven’t been yet. I’ve been obsessing over Hawaii in recent weeks, for no apparent reason. However, I dig the “idea” of Hawaii, whether or not the feeling exists in reality. It’s something that I want to express in my collection for the coming seasons. Sometimes I almost think the feeling or idea that is conjured when you imagine a place is as strong an influence as the actual experience.

What are your favorite NYC restaurants, and what do you order there? At Tacombi, beef picadillo tacos and the esquites. The Odeon, a croque monsieur. At Belle Reve, the veggie burger. (I’m not a vegetarian, but my wife likes it when I eat healthy.) At Locanda Verde, anything. At Warren77, a grilled cheese and tomato soup! And finally, at Café Mogador in the East Village, I love the hangar steak, hummus, and Moroccan mint tea.

What are your go-to spots for drinks? Smith & Mills, Weather Up, Belle Reve, Triona’s, Temple Bar, Grand Banks in the summer, Freehold in Williamsburg, The Drink in Bushwick, and anywhere that serves a decent michelada.

What’s your favorite NYC brunch spots, and what do you order when you go? I love Edward’s – I get their turkey burger with extra bleu cheese and a side of ranchero sauce for dipping, usually accompanied by an assortment of bloody marys.

Where do you get your art fix in NYC, and do you have a favorite artist? Lately I’ve been digging work by Rothko, and I tend to get my fix at The Hole gallery on the Bowery. Gallery nights in Chelsea are always a blast, too.

What are some of your under the radar must-do recommendations for NYC visitors? Hudson River Park along the west side has become a super beautiful place. Heading to Grand Banks (a boat docked to pier 25 near Tribeca) on a nice summer day is the best – from the water, you can see the Empire State Building, have great views up the Hudson, and stellar sunsets.

What are some of your favorite NYC stores? Totokaelo – it’s absolutely beautiful and architecturally interesting. Dover Street Market, Barneys, and Bergdorf Goodman’s for the big designers, and CHCM on Bond Street has the most interesting assortment of new designers around. Saturdays Surf on Crosby Street has a hidden back yard where you can sit and sip your La Colombe coffee amidst really great people and a friendly hang.

What music are you listening to these days? I love reggae, psychodelic West African music from the 60s, Chopin, Jeff Buckley, and Tupac.

What song would you consider your personal soundtrack to NYC? “Take Him Back to New York City” by Herman Dune.

When you think of NYC, are there any particular memories that immediately come to mind? Late nights on the Bowery in the mid-aughts – we ran an after hours party over there in an abandoned building. It was a lot of fun, but another life entirely… so let’s go with meeting the woman who’s now my wife, on the street in Tribeca.