Seth Weisser and co-founder Gerard Maione began acquiring and selling vintage wares nearly 20 years ago after graduating from college; their passion for vintage shines in the impeccable collections available in WCAGA's NYC and LA stores. In addition, Weisser and Maione have expanded their offerings with a vintage-inspired clothing line, carried everywhere from Bergdorf Goodman to Fred Segal and worn by everyone from Brad Pitt to Kanye West.

What would the title of your autobiography be?
“Rags to Riches”

What can’t you travel without and why?
The iPad. Isn’t it obvious?

Where is your favorite travel destination?
Capri, Italy.  Enchanted and nothing more.

If you could choose one person to show you “their New York City,” who would it be and why?
Roger Waters – a true genius.

What or who inspired you recently and why?
A “Simple Man” by Tom Ford. Just an amazing film.