Natalie Kates

Natalie is the founder of Style Curator Inc., producing art events and curating collection for private clients. She has always been passionate about any form of creativity and the process behind it, whether in fashion, arts or music, and she loves making art accessible to others. "I love collecting art and try to inspire others to do the same. I am also obsessed about my vintage Thierry Mugler collection…but that’s another story!"

What would the title of your autobiography be?
“A Life Curated”

What can’t you travel without?
Moleskine note book, pencils, cherry flavored Chapstick and my iPhone – for its photo apps. I love taking photo’s using the Cross Process app and creating self published books to remember my journeys. I photograph everything that inspires me: color, textures, street art, architecture, and food.

What’s your favorite travel destination?
That’s a tough one – I love Venice, Mexico, Napa Valley, and the Amalfi Coast, but if I had to pick one, it would be Halong Bay, Vietnam. There is no other place like it on Earth. The best way to describe it, for a sci-fi fiction junkie like me, is that it makes you feel as if you’re living in a Star Wars movie.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in NYC?
Reading the New York Times (in print), walking around the Chelsea Flea Market, and food shopping at New Amsterdam Market at the South Street Seaport and the Essex Street Market on the Lower East Side.

Who would you choose to show you “their New York City”?
Woody Allen, because of his films like Manhattan, Husbands and Wives and Annie Hall. If I could go back in time I would say Andy Warhol, because he was responsible for a major cultural shift that is being felt to this very day.

Who has inspired you recently?
Working with the artist Swoon, while she put together her upcoming show at the Brooklyn Art Museum. She is someone who truly uses her artwork to bring positive change in the world. I am inspired by her authentic idealism.

Where do you get your art fix in NYC, and do you have a favorite artist?
Style Curator documents artists’ workspaces, and I’m lucky enough to have access to many artists of various disciplines. I’m constantly involved in the arts through producing art events and curating collections for private clients. But my favorite art fix is my home, designed by Mark Kroeckel of Open Shop, which houses my personal art collection. I love the work of Swoon, Bast, Rob Wynne, Friends with You, Assume Vivid Astro Focus, Faile, Roxy Paine, ESPO and Jayson Keeling.

What are some of your favorite late-night hangouts in NYC?
These days I prefer events over clubs, and if I happen to get an itch for late-night parties I would go to anything produced by Kenny Kenny and/or Susanne Bartsch.

What are some of your under the radar must-do recommendations for NYC visitors?
Gallery hopping in New York’s Lower East Side.

What are some of your favorite NYC stores?
Chelsea Flea Market for people watching and finding those unique treasures, Kid Robot for fun art objects, Paul Kasmin Shop because they have affordable art editions and Chelsea Flower Market for fresh flowers and potted orchids.

What music are you listening to these days, and who are some of your favorite musicians?
I’m an 80s kid, so I still listen to bands from this era. Some of my favorites are Visage, Japan, Cabaret Voltaire, China Crisis, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Cult and Depeche Mode.

What album or song would you consider your personal soundtrack to NYC?
“Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics.

When you think of NYC, are there any particular emotions that come to mind?
The biggest emotion when I think of New York is gratitude because this city has given me so much.  My best memories of the city are riding my bike around and the day of my wedding at the New Museum on the Bowery surrounded my friends, family and art.