Lizzie Fortunato

Lizzie is the co-founder of the Lizzie Fortunato accessories line with her twin sister, Kathryn. They spend an "inordinate" amount of time together, working in their LES studio and traveling – sourcing both inspiration and materials for the line. Lizzie loves to travel, and she's obsessed with scouring markets for textiles and artisanal handicrafts. Her SoHo apartment is piled high with finds from Peru, Guatemala, Japan and India, and she loves escaping the city for the Catskills or the Hudson Valley with her boyfriend to visit antique stores and flea markets.

(Photo: Jason Ross Savage)

What can’t you travel without?
My iPhone and my Japanese hair wax.

What’s your favorite travel destination?
Anywhere I haven’t been before, but also, Tokyo; there’s a certain forward design sense and vitality there that’s absolutely captivating. 

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in NYC?
Wander around downtown, stop at Emack and Bolio’s for coffee ice cream on Houston Street and sit in West SoHo to people watch.

Who has inspired you recently?
My mom.

What are your favorite NYC restaurants, and what do you order when you go?
Mainstays include the tacos al pastor and the habanero grapefruit margarita at Barrio Chino, which is a stone’s throw from our studio, and the vegetable curry at Jack’s Wife Freda – it’s super close to our house and my favorite spot in the neighborhood. Also, in the neighborhood: the boneless lamb rib at Snack on Thompson Street. For something a little more upscale: I love everything on the menu (as well as the white tablecloths and friendly waitstaff) at Carbone and the tasting menu at Momofuku Ko is out of this world.

What’s your favorite NYC brunch spot?
I love the smoked salmon at The Smile

What are your go-to spots in NYC for drinks?
Margaritas at Barrio Chino on the Lower East Side, Hotel Delmano in Williamsburg, and Smith and Mills in Tribeca.

What’s your favorite late-night hangout in NYC?
The Leadbelly – I love the Tequila Rose cocktail and the costumes that comes out on some particularly good, late nights.

What are some of your favorite NYC stores?
DeVera on Crosby and Howard for all it’s spectacular oddities and endless inspiration; Maryam Nassir Zadeh for beautifully curated clothes and accessories; John Derian in NoHo for housewares, and Pas de Deux in the East Village has the best edit of beautiful, wearable womenswear.

What music are you listening to?
I’m always listening to Songza. Current favorite playlists include: Vintage Reggae, Songs to Raise Your Kids To, 70s Outlaw Country, and Poppa Was a Rolling Stone.

When you think of NYC, are there any particular memories that come to mind?
I have memories of being in the city with my parents as a kid and totally having my own agenda. They literally couldn’t stop me… I would be bee-lining down the street, ready to go to a store, or museum, or whatever it was. Similarly, I remember coming to New York as a middle school-er and ditching a fieldtrip so I could go buy shoes at Betsey Johnson. There’s a certain energy that I’ve always felt here, and as much as I love to travel there’s nothing quite like flying back into New York – it’s the best city on earth.