Jenna Sauers

Jenna is a freelance writer, mostly covering fashion, the arts, and culture. She's contributed to the Web site Jezebel since 2008, and has also written for venues as diverse as Bookforum, the Daily, Jalouse, the Village Voice, and the New York Observer.

Photo Credit: Ana Lorenzana

WHAT WOULD THE TITLE OF YOUR AUTO-BIOGRAPHY BE? I don’t know if this is mine, but someone ought to take “Leaving The Mimosa Station.”

WHAT CAN’T YOU TRAVEL WITHOUT AND WHY? Comfortable walking shoes and my camera.

WHERE IS YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION? New Zealand. Because it’s my home, and also because it’s the best country in the world.

IF YOU COULD CHOOSE ONE PERSON TO SHOW YOU “THEIR NEW YORK CITY”, WHO WOULD IT BE? Dorothy Parker and Joan Didion pretty much tie for this one. Either way, we would drink gin and hot water to blunt the pain.

WHAT OR WHO HAS INSPIRED YOU RECENTLY AND WHY? All of the women on the Jezebel 25 list — which we put together for the site’s fifth birthday — are incredibly inspiring. But I have full-blown girl crushes on the two authors we included, Kate Zambreno and Sheila Heti.