Insider Tips from the City's most notable names on the Downtown New York scene.


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    Designer, Author


    Austin, TX


    Greenwich Village, NY

Award-winning author-illustrator Greg Foley grew up in Austin, Texas, and attended the Rhode Island School of Design. He now designs and creative-directs Visionaire, V Magazine, and VMAN and lives in Greenwich Village, New York. You can read his books at

What would the title of your auto-biography be?
“Sorry We’re Open / Yes We’re Closed!”

What can’t you travel without and why?
A sense of direction.

Where is your favorite travel destination?
I’d like to see more of Southeast Asia, and Canada is a mystery to me.

If you could choose one person to show you “their New York City”, who would it be and why?
How about NYPD Organized Crime Control Bureau head Chief Anthony Izzo – need I say more?

What or who has inspired you recently and why?
The ‘inventor’ of bitcoin currency, Satoshi Nakamoto