Brendan Fallis

Brendan Fallis grew up in a small Canadian town (with one stop light, to be exact) and with a lot of maneuvering, moved to NYC.  Thanks to some great people along the way, and a sudden interest in DJ'ing (although he's always been into music) he found himself traveling the world as a tour DJ for Theophilus London while continuing to focus on helping and launching businesses.


WHAT CAN’T YOU TRAVEL WITHOUT AND WHY? My passport. Lost it once in Bratislava and got stranded in Europe. Not good.

WHERE IS YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION? Barcelona. Can’t beat good wine, tapas and beautiful Spanish women. Although I’m headed to Moscow tomorrow and that could all change…

IF YOU COULD CHOOSE ONE PERSON TO SHOW YOU “THEIR NEW YORK CITY”, WHO WOULD IT BE? Morgan Silver-Greenburg. If you don’t know him, you should. He will show you everything you never thought existed in New York, or anywhere in the world for that matter, all right here in this city.

WHAT OR WHO HAS INSPIRED YOU RECENTLY AND WHY? Everyone around me inspires me every day. There’s something you can learn from everyone, if you just try and figure out how to apply it, you’ll be leaps ahead.