Anouk Colantoni

Anouk loves to paint and draw, sing and write – but we'll let her tell it in her own words: "I like to create in all manners of speaking – and I draw from my life, the cities I am in and situations that affect me. I love panties and all things naughty, and during the day I work as a  style consultant. I like to meet as many people as I can, find out what makes people tick, and translate that into an edible snippet of art that people can maybe relate to." According to Anouk, "life is a tale to be told!"

What would the title of your autobiography be?
“Discombobulated: Personal Tales From My Party Panties”

What can’t you travel without?
A drawing journal and pens, as airports are the best places to draw people in their most vulnerable and displaced – plus a killer book, Valium, Rosewater face spray and a stick of Palo Santo incense to burn and balance me out!

What’s your favorite travel destination?
Home – Australia – because there will always be a little bit of a beach bum in me!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in NYC?
In Spring, lay in the Elizabeth Street garden with the paper, a coffee from The Butchers Daughter and close friends. In Summer, jump on my bike, get a take-away frozen margarita from my local Mexican restaurant, and just ride around maybe across to the West Side Highway or up to Central Park and lay in the grass. In Fall, put on a sweater, grab a coffee and walk to a museum or gallery – maybe the Guggenheim to see my favorite permanent collection of Kandinsky. Then, head to The Carlyle for a fancy cocktail, jazz piano and stare at Ludwig Bemelmans’s amazing art. In Winter? Stay in my bed all afternoon watching movies, drawing, listening to movies and watch it snow!

What are your favorite NYC restaurants?
Every morning, I get an almond milk cortado from The Butcher’s Daughter – in fact, they call me Mrs. Cortado when I walk in. The only thing to have for a hangover for me is a Ruby’s cheeseburger. I love Dimes – it’s real, whole food that I would make at home. And I love Buvette, because its French – and the bar staff are damn cute!

What are your go-to spots in NYC for drinks?
Black Market in the East Village, Lovely Day in Nolita, Rintintin in Nolita (I am there about 3 nights a week…) and The Carlyle for a fancy cocktail.

What’s your favorite NYC brunch spot?
Diner in Williamsburg is pretty ace!

Where do you get your art fix in NYC, and do you have a favorite artist?
I just go where the best is on display – and in NYC, that is everywhere and anywhere. I love Henry Darger, Egon Schiele, Takashi Murukami, Lisa Yuskavage and John Currin. Kandinsky is an always! That color!

What are some of your favorite late-night hangouts in NYC?
For cold winter nights, Clandestino in LES. ACME is good for dancing and drinking late, and Paul’s Cocktail Lounge – it’s trouble.

What are some of your favorite NYC stores?
Creatures of Comfort – I just love this store’s curated selection, it’s all the best European designers, and clothes I can live in! The Apartment in Soho – I mean, you can walk into a dream Soho loft and buy the entire life. I love The plant and crystal shop on East 10th and First Avenue – because it has all my hippie needs to feel good, and crystals are great gifts! Strand Books, because I go in there, get lost, and come out inspired!

What music are you listening to these days? I cannot stop listening to the Garden State soundtrack – it makes me happy to my bones!

What album or song would you consider your personal soundtrack to NYC?
I don’t have a single one! I change as much as the city does – whatever I need I put on – happy, sad, energetic. But Sade helps me through pretty much everything.

When you think of NYC, what immediately comes to mind?
HOLD ON TO YOUR PANTIES. Life will happen with or without me, so I better get on board.