Anna Karlin

As the creative director of her eponymous studio and furniture and fine objects line, Anna is a true designer. Raised in London and currently a resident of NYC's Nolita neighborhood, Karlin works across all mediums from digital and print to interiors and set design. With a commitment to supporting small-scale New York-based fabricators and craftsmen, all of her pieces are 100% produced in New York. Her pieces and work has been features in The New York Times, Elle Decor, and Architectural Digest, where she was included in the magazine's 2013 "Ones To Watch" issue.

What would the title of your autobiography be?
“I Believe You Were Looking For The Computer Scientist” (Anna Karlin, the computer scientist, is my Google rival – one day we shall meet and discuss our mutual love for hats.)

What can’t you travel without?
A copy of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I have probably watched this thousands of times! When I can’t sleep, it’s my last resort to encourage me into slumber mode. Other than that, warm socks, a huge soft scarf, and a jumper. Planes are SO cold – and if I’m going somewhere warm, I have to lug round a bag of warm, wooly stuff – not massively practical or terribly sexy, but so necessary.

What’s your favorite travel destination?
I like to go to new places, and I don’t tend to go to the same place twice – but I went to Istanbul recently, and fell in love with the city. It’s the perfect jumble of east meets west – chaos and ordered sophistication. It’s very chic, in the true sense of the word.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon in NYC?
Being British, we love nothing more than a boozy Sunday lunch with a large group of very good friends – and a hangover by 5!

If you could choose one person to show you “their New York City,” who would it be?
Keith Haring – enough said.

What is your favorite NYC restaurant?
Il Buco.

Where do you get your art fix, and do you have a favorite artist?
Looking at the work of Cy Twombly or Mark Rothko is an intensely emotional experience, so I guess for that reason you could call them my favorites. As for an art fix – you only have to leave your front door in this city for that.

What are some of your favorite late-night hangouts in NYC?
Cabin Down Below is always open when you need it, and Upstairs Bar, a dodgy Chinese karaoke bar, is a permanent favorite.

What are some of your favorite NYC stores?
Assembly for beauty, sartorial inspiration and purchases. And the 24 hour hardware store, Nuthouse, for many a set build/last-minute job emergency.

What music are you listening to these days, and who are some of your favorite musicians?
On the permanent playlist is The Clash, Nick Drake, and The Kinks. But when I’m in the studio alone in the morning, I listen to very dirty Dancehall, VERY loudly – it’s totally a guilty secret. I love it and it’s amazing to work to – I really focus!

What album or song would you consider your personal soundtrack to NYC?
The sound of honking horns…

When you think of NYC, are there any particular emotions  that immediately come to mind?