Since 1999 we've been on an unending quest to correct culture; curating art shows, DJing, designing, baking cookies, reviewing theatre, podcasting, decorating, and dressing identically every day.

WHAT WOULD THE TITLE OF YOUR AUTO-BIOGRAPHY BE? Mission Impossible 6 Starring Thome Cruise.

WHAT CAN’T YOU TRAVEL WITHOUT AND WHY? Our “Travel Jackets” it’s a real thing people used to wear specifically for traveling in and for no other occasion. Also ours are Bloody Mary proof, always useful when the turbulence hits.

WHERE IS YOUR FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION?  Anywhere we haven’t been before, also Pyongyang. Not England, Andrew’s convinced his man servant murdered him there in a past life, of course Andrew was probably an insufferably demanding gentleman of leisure so…

IF YOU COULD CHOOSE ONE PERSON TO SHOW YOU THEIR NEW YORK CITY, WHO WOULD IT BE? Toss up between Henry Hudson and Holly Golightly. Henry for the credibility, you know “Been there, done that. Before you where born.” and Holly for the nightlife, obviously.

WHAT OR WHO HAS INSPIRED YOU RECENTLY AND WHY? Chelsea Handler was rude to us at a party and it really inspired us to step up our game, people usually love us.