Uncle Boons

Thai flavors are usually singular in the US, but Uncle Boons owners and Per Se veterens Matt Danzer & Ann Redding have gone for balanced and holistic flavors that are a unifying mix. The tasty foods you’ll find inside have an equally epic story behind them; the restuarant is named after Redding’s real life uncle but is inspired by her entire family in Thailand – from her grandmother’s own farm, to her aunts, mother, and uncles selling food street side and cooking in the royal palace. The familial aspect is shown through the kitchy design – warm wood features, indoor plants, and accents collected from family & trips to the home country.

Onto the food: there’s spicy yet refreshing moist chicken; Guay Jap, a pork offal soup with crispy brain; delicious fermented pork sausage that is courtesy of Mommy Pai herself; light golden chicken curry with perfect crispy noodles; and coconut ice cream with homemade whip cream, plus coconut flakes and burnt brown sugar, is in one word: INCREDIBLE.

Diners and drinkers at Uncle Boons are invited to yell Chai Yo! (Cheers) as glasses collide to the background sounds 70s classics and Thai hits. So leave some of your traditional table manners on Spring Street and come inside, share plates, eat with your hands and enjoy food in real Thai style.

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