Uncle Boon’s

Tucked away on Elizabeth Street since 2013 sits Uncle Boons, a New York staple for Southeast Asian inspired cuisine.

The space is meant to replicate that of a dark, woody Thai pub – to an unknowing American it feels like an underground treehouse. The wooden walls are covered from top to bottom in pictures that look like they’ve been imported straight from a Bangkok Flea. The table setting also stays true to the cultural theme with traditional brass forks, cotton napkins and spoons from Thailand.

The married owners, Ann Redding and her husband, Matt Danzer, met while working together as cooks at Per Se. Redding was born and raised in Northeastern Thailand before moving to New York. The couple spent time traveling throughout the many countries that makeup Southeast Asia before opening their restaurant – their offerings are reflective of that.

Their diverse menu is rich in authentic flavors straying away from the usual pad see ew’s and other ho-hum take-out Thai, only serving up the real deal.

Our Must Haves:

“Sai Krok Ampai” Grilled Pork & Rice Sour Sausage
“Pak Pau” Grilled Blowfish Tails
“Yum Kai Hua Pli” Spicy Rotisserie Chicken and Banana Blossom Salad.

*All pair perfectly with our favorite menu item of all, $8 Beer Slushies.

With continued success over the years Uncle Boon’s has recently opened up a second location, solely serving up Thai Take-Out. The menu is heavy on classic Southeast Asian street food, offering the likes of grilled pork skewers, Muslim lamb-and-curry pastries and prawn pad Thai. The King Cone on-the-go version of their original coconut-ice-cream sundae is reason enough to go and visit Uncle Boon’s sister.