Two Hands

Graduating from a charming coffee shop to a full blown restaurant in a little less than 2 years, the new Two Hands location in Tribeca is already generating major buzz.

With a generous amount of sunlight pouring in through the sizable glass entrances, the white brick walls and scattered plant life maintain an unpretentious, pseudo-minimalistic atmosphere.

Having overheard multiple avocado toast-themed monologues from patrons waiting in the seemingly endless brunch line, by the time I arrived at my table I had already decided that was where I needed to start. Combining the traditional spicy and citrus elements of this trendy recipe with an over-easy egg on top, all previous experiences of this dish were instantly dwarfed in comparison.

Following the appropriately-hyped appetizer was a bacon burger with a side of crispy potatoes that I’ve frequently dreamed of. Their chef, Frankie Cox, must have designed this dish with the restaurant’s name in mind because two hands is precisely what you need to even attempt to conquer this monumental creation.

Not forsaking the cozy, welcoming vibe of their previous Williamsburg-style cafe, owners Giles Russell and Henry Roberts have managed to raise the bar for what it means to be a marquee brunch destination in NYC.

Words by Colin Hardaway @hardawayallday