Tortilla Flats

Potentially the only place on Earth where it feels like Cinco De Mayo 365 days a year, Tortilla Flats exists in a league of its own. The kitschy cantina in the West Village features Velvet Elvis portraits, Christmas lights, rainbow streamers and a shrine to actor Ernest Borgine. Tasty dishes, such as the New Mexican Short Stack – made with blue-corn pancakes, black beans, shredded beef (or chicken or veggies) and melted cheese on top, deep fried chicken and a supersonic queso dip, are all crowd-pleasers. And speaking of crowds, groups are the way to best enjoy Flats: Campy theme nights include Mondays and Tuesdays for raucous rounds of bingo, hula-hoop contests on Wednesday nights and trivia night on Sundays. Winners of contests score a round of tequila shots for their whole table. You know what they say: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, more!