Three Lives & Co.

One of the last bastions of old New York bookstores, Three Lives and Co. wears their mission statement proudly: “We exist for the reader, not the publisher, nor the marketer.” – take one step inside the diminutive store and you’ll find this to be immediately evident. The store has succeeded in surviving in a climate when competitors have dropped like flies, and that’s largely because it hasn’t changed a lick since its doors opened in 1968. Inside Three Lives you won’t find big displays, overstocked bestsellers, or even discount stickers slapped carelessly on the covers of pulpy novellas – instead you’ll be greeted collection of books hand curated by the staff, each arranged with its cover facing out, creating a mosaic tile wall of cover art that sucks the casual browser in. Pop in when you can, their as knowledgable as they are happy to see you.