Thom Browne

Think Cary Grant, Clark Kent, Steve McQueen, Pee Wee Herman and Don Draper. A Thom Browne suit would be right at home on any of these sharp-looking stars. Best known for making suits cool again, Browne has amassed a cult following with his eponymous New York-based label’s highly-recognizable slim-fitting men’s jackets and cropped dress pants. His Mad Men-esque Tribeca shop is where you’ll find such finery and footwear in Manhattan. In this universe, designed by architect David Biscaye, a giant mahogany desk, mid-century sofas and vintage dome lamps are the standard. In this universe, trousers, suit coats, lapels, ties, and even tie clips, are skinny. Materials come from English wools, canvas, and seersucker, and even made-to-order pieces are available for the ultimate luxury experience – and you’re measured for them behind shuttered Venetial blinds. In Thom Browne’s universe, there is no room or patience for sagging jeans, sloppy tees and baseball caps, and well, that’s a universe we forever want to belong to.

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