The Joyce Theater

Founded in 1982, The Joyce Theater was created by dancers for dancers. Since then, the Joyce Theater has become one of the most premiere dance venues, hosting over 270 national and international small to medium sized dance companies. Set in a 1941 Art Deco movie house that was shuttered for clandestinely showing pornographic programs, the building was gutted and beautifully restored by architect Hugh Hardy.

Today, the Joyce Theater amasses dancers and enthusiasts from all over with the initiative to “embrace the entire spectrum of movement styles and traditions.” In 1996, the 472-seat theater purchased the Joyce Soho, once a three-story firehouse, now a smaller 74-seat theater that houses two studios designed for rehearsals and performances. The Joyce Theater, a classic New York institution, is ideal for visual art lovers that enjoy a unique performance intimacy.

Photo credit: Susan Sermoneta