The Armoury

The aim of co-owners Alan See, Ethan Newton, and Mark Cho, who launched in 2010, is to offer ‘clothing with substance’ – timeless menswear made to last the years. Available at the store are three types of styles: ready-to-wear, made-to-measure, and bespoke. In keeping with The Armoury aim, you’ll find century-old clothing & accessory labels from all over the world like Rimowa luggage, Sozzi Calze ties and socks, and Saint Crispin’s handmade shoes. The space’s upper level is home to the “made to measure suite,” where you can get fitted for suits, pants, and shirts from brands like Ascot Chang. The level of attention to fit is high; top-quality Italian artisans such as Salvatore Ambrosi will come from Naples to do fittings for pants, while Orazio Luciano will handle made-to-measure suits (store associates can also assist), and Antonio Liverano will come from Florence for fittings of bespoke suits. A ‘VIP suite’ is hidden downstairs for those who need more privacy.