Stadium Goods

This 3,000 sq. ft sneaker haven situated in Soho has amassed a huge following since it’s launch in October of last year, and it’s no surprise as to why.

Bringing together one of the greatest collections of sneakers ever amassed, Stadium Goods offers an incredible inventory of sought-after sneakers, as well as coveted lifestyle apparel from brands such as Nike, adidas, Jordan, SUPREME, Converse, Asics – all authenticated, from limited-edition collectibles to timeless classics.

Aside from it’s extensive offering, the retailer simultaneously runs the Stadium Goods Market Center, a fully staffed authentication and intake depot for consumers looking to list curated new and unworn sneakers and apparel. Located at 305 Canal Street (the back-end of the retail store), the Market Center operates a seamless experience both on the ground and online for customers interested in selling their sneaker assets.

The brand also recently partnered up with GOAT, the smartphone app to make buying and selling over mobile devices, safer and easier.

Don’t miss out on access to an incredible inventory of kicks – the store may be here for good but the inventory won’t be.