St. Anselm

St. Anselm, located in Brooklyn’s thriving neighborhood of Williamsburg, is the adventurous cousin of most typical New York steakhouses. In a casual, unassuming environment of wood shingles and brick walls, expect perfect, simply seasoned grilled meats and seafood – with a twist. Sweet brined young chicken – head on and all – and monster prawns in olive oil are a few of the items that catch your eye and never leave until you finish your plate. Shishito peppers fresh off the grill with either spinach gratin or pan-fried mashed potatoes with truffle oil only enhance the meal’s experience. But let’s not forget about the steak – the ‘butcher’s’ version is a hanger so tender and tasty, complete with a garlic butter bath that even we’re jealous of. The wine list is equally as impressive as the meal’s offerings. Reservations aren’t accepted, and the wait might be long (they’ll text you when your table’s ready, and there are drinks to be had at the bar next door) but it’ll be worth it. Head over for weekend brunch if you want to beat the crowds.