Shinola, with the fitting slogan “Where American is made,” has its roots planted deep in American manufacturing, starting out as a shoe polish company at the turn of the century before ultimately folding in 1960. This year, the brand has returned with a flagship in Tribeca, offering a variety of hand-crafted American-made goods ranging from leather-bound pens to watches to bicycles.

Walk through the doors and grab a coffee and a quick bite from the in-house barista, brought to you by our friends from The Smile, before you make your way to the merchandise. With your caffeine fix taken care of, step into a high-ceilinged, industrial oasis with product displays as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional – all to be expected from the design-conscious brand.  You can’t go wrong with any of the hand-made leather goods, as Shinola sources their leathers from one of the oldest tanneries in the United States. Don’t forget to check out the watches, all assembled by hand in Detroit featuring customizable faces and leather bands.

While it may seem odd to hear of a Detroit-made watch, Shinola partnered with a manufacturer from Switzerland to supply the parts and train the employees who are building these watches piece-by-piece in their Detroit assembly center. And even if you don’t leave sitting comfortably in the saddle of a bicycle or with a new timepiece on your wrist, picking up some of Shinola’s shoe polish might not be a bad idea, especially on the tough cobblestone streets of Tribeca.

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