Sant Ambroeus – West Village

The original Sant Ambroeus opened its doors in Milan in 1936. Its New York homage is aptly nestled on a tree-lined West Village corner. Ever emulating Old World Milanese authenticity, the pasticceria, confetteria and espresso bar is a popular breakfast and lunch spot among the local intelligentsia. The traditional, albeit pricey, menu consists of dishes such as an artichoke and parmesan salad, risotto, exotic fruit salad, tiramisu, and pear gelato with pear liqueur. Clientele includes European art dealers and editors from Vogue and Vanity Fair and neighborhood locals such as Sarah Jessica Parker. Please note, this is a real Italian espresso bar, so don’t expect to get coffee on the go. The mosaic-tiled, rose and chocolate interior and welcoming staff convey genuine warmth, the icy gelato could cool down the hottest of days and tempers – heavenly and perfectly balanced, the patron saint of Milan would be proud.