Rick Owens

Finally–as some New Yorkers would say with a collective sigh of relief–the American-born, Paris-based designer Rick Owens has his own flagship boutique at 250 Hudson Street. In collaboration with Atelier New York, (of which he is of the store’s most popular and acclaimed designers) Owens designed the space, which includes a few chairs and benches of his own design, plus a towering, 6-way mirror and unique, fog installation that he calls a “fog aquarium. The high-fashion and moderate-goth boutique gives its diehard shoppers exactly what they waited all this time, some even traveling to L.A. to acquire: a steady stream of his signature “glunge,” – glam grunge. This so-called glunge is imbued in everything here: from his oversize silhouetted shirts to asymmetrical coats to racerback tank tops to ankle boots to leather accessories – none of which deviate from  his signature, color-shunning palette of fogs and charcoals.

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