This petite Nolita boutique is far from dead. The selection here is so tightly edited for the mood of the moment that you’d have no idea that each of these garments came from a different place, time, and designer. Right now, it’s bandage-dress central: it’s the perfect place to pour yourself into a Mugler, a Léger, or an Alaïa. Their inventory offers much in addition, from rare, mod Pucci dresses, Halston formalwear, Zandra Rhodes maxi gowns, Gucci handbags, and Courrèges jackets, with every piece right on the pulse of every major fashion zeitgeist from the pre-psychedelic ’60s to the height of Studio 54’s heyday to the glam, over-the-top ’80s. Everything here comes at a price, but pieces like a Paco Rabanne metal space dress are considered fashion history. Never let your wardrobe come close to a near-death experience – keep it alive and well with regular visits to Resurrection.