Renwick Gallery

The Renwick Gallery’s clean, simple SoHo space may be tiny, but it’s almost always filled with big ideas. It was opened with one goal in mind: to embody the perfect complement to its smart, quirky installations, conceived by contemporary artists who work from diverse methods, materials, and experiences. Intriguingly-titled past exhibits include “You Can Go Your Own Way: The Can as Foil in Contemporary Art,” an installation involving the relationship between aluminum cans and mass production, graphic design, corporate logos, class, poverty, waste or plenty, processed or comfort food, and recreational drinking. There was also a screening of video artist Meredith Danluck’s 12-minute long “Michael Jackson, Jesus Christ … Coca-Cola,” with odd footage of her meeting him outside a Tokyo Concert Hall. Admission is free during opening hours Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 6. The gallery can also be viewed by appointment.