The authenticity and prices of Dim Sum eateries in Chinatown and far-flung outer boroughs maybe can’t be beat, but there’s nothing wrong with sticking to the West Village and classing things up a bit. Such was the thinking of Chinatown Brasserie vet Ed Schoenfeld, who teamed up with Asia de Cuba mastermind Jeffrey Chodorow to create RedFarm, an upscale Dim Sum-inspired spot on the corner of Hudson Street and Charles Street. The formula is a tried-and-true one: take an old Village townhouse, install communal tables, and hire an old colleague, in this case Joe Ng from the Brasserie. The Dim Sum snacks hew somewhat close to the classic standards, though they’re spruced up a bit. The short ribs are on the sweet side and come with fresh cauliflower and broccoli, while the pastrami egg rolls come with a honey mustard and kaffir lime sauce. The most clever of these creative dishes is the Pac-Man dumplings, little balls of dough colored like the video game ghouls, complete with little black eyes. Just like in the video game, go ahead and swallow them whole.