Recess Activities

Like the many hours of dodgeball, four square and red rover we dedicated in our childhood schoolyards, recess activities offers street-level grounds for a new kind of playing around. Created for emerging artists, this new model gives contemporary and emerging artists space to use as a studio or exhibition venue. Session, Recess’s signature program, offers artists two or three month public residencies, during which artists are given agency to determine the visibility of their work and the parameters of its presentation. Past “activities” include an exploration of the relationship between sound and paint, displayed on eight-foot square canvases at Recess’s Brooklyn outpost by Butthole Surfers lead singer Gibby Haynes, or “Wiggle Room”, where for two months, artist Larry Bob Phillips covered the walls of Recess’s SoHo gallery with his intricate drawings, occasionally inviting a furniture designer to add furniture and comedian Jeffrey Joe Jensen to lend some stand-up relief. Stop by Recess for child’s play reimagined by today’s emerging grown-up artists.