Nili Lotan

Nili Lotan is arguably a modern New York women’s favorite designer, if only for her philosophy, written in stark text near the entrance of her two-tier studio and retail space in Tribeca: “Neither loud nor aggressive, clothes should be clean and sophisticated.” Her simple yet spacious, white-washed store presents both her eponymous line and personally selected art in an uncluttered fashion, taking advantage of the gallery design and the opportunity to promote artists along the way. Lotan’s garments take cues from her urban clientele, with work-ready slacks, cocktail dresses, and sophisticated camisoles in dark-hued solids dominating the racks. Faded motorcycle jackets, cashmere sweaters, and pencil skirts with intricate detailing can also be found alongside vintage jewelry and accessories, rare books on topics ranging from architecture to film, as well as Lotan’s series of sterling silver key chains that are hand-carved in Israel and bear Hebrew inscriptions meaning “peace,” “love” and “good energy.” She takes her Israeli (and former military) background one step further into her designs with her line’s label, modeled after a dog tag and embellished with her actual military ID number. Details like this connect Lotan’s own story with her customers’, and further establish her sartorial stance as one that identifies with the fashionable functionality of the progressive contemporary woman.