New York Shaving Company

Your face is an important part of you, and if you’re a man, there’s a very good chance that at some point you’re going to need to shave it. For those of us who shave regularly, it’s just another chore in the grooming routine, and more often than not, a chore we don’t particularly enjoy. The New York Shaving Company aims to change that. What began as a Brooklyn-based manufacturer of high-end shaving products – badger hair shaving brushes, straight razors with sharpening strops, and all sorts of creams, tonics, and lathers – has evolved into a brand that not only produces these shaving tools, but also offers grooming services at their two Manhattan locations. Their nearest location is just over on Elizabeth Street in Nolita, and if you’ve never experienced an old fashioned straight razor shave, it’s an experience you didn’t even know you were missing.