Mary Boone Gallery

Opening in 1977, the original Mary Boone Gallery in SoHo famously began the careers of David Salle and Julian Schnabel. In the 1980s, she was credited for discovering Jean-Michel Basquiat. Still focusing on artists with a ‘downtown’ aesthetic, the Mary Boone Gallery is more likely to take chances on emerging young artists at its Chelsea location (as of 2000), making this gallery a staple in the New York art scene. Ross Bleckner, Peter Halley, Barbara Kruger, and Damian Loeb are artists long associated with the gallery, as well as the secondary market of artists important to its history: Basquiat, Schnabel, Jeff Koons and Brice Marden. We think Mary Boone’s best time is always right now though: at any moment, anyone showing here could easily skyrocket to Basquiat levels. Inka Essenhigh’s Pop Surrealism and Will Cotton’s confectionary, candy-colored dreamscapes come to mind.

Photo: Terence Koh, “Asthma Air” (2007) @ Mary Boone Gallery, uploaded by 16 Miles of String