Le Turtle

Supreme restaurateur powers, Taavo Somer (Freemans) and Carlos Quirarte (The Smile), have put their culinary minds together to bring the people, Le Turtle. The minimalistic, intimate dining setting has been causing a silent stir on the corner of Chrystie St and Rivington St in Lower East Side and it’s for good reason. Although being labelled as a ‘French New Wave Health Food’, it’s the poultry offering that’s hooked diners.

The top recommendation by wait staff is the whole chicken for two. Other stand-out dishes include the grilled wagyu, lamb and charcuterie; the latter being locally sourced from a company based out of Brooklyn called Meats End. A tip-off from our concierge – don’t leave without trying the bread and butter appetizer.

Just a note for the vegetarians, although delicious, a lot of the vegetable dishes do include some sort of animal by product, like oyster juice, lobster butter, lamb belly or cockles.

An exquisite menu, impeccable staff, BYREDO-laden bathrooms, and a dabbling of celebrity diners making casual conversation over a well-curated French hip-hop playlist will  make Le Turtle one to watch coming into Spring. Vacancy permitted, it might just be the perfect Valentine’s Day date spot.

The Soho Grand Hotel can help guests with bookings – please contact the concierge for assistance.