Pure bliss, the Lanvin flagship is a potpourri of luxurious fabrics, rhinestones, and quilted handbags that are the archetype of Parisian chic. Of the 3,550-square-foot on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, careful composition by designer Kris von Assche went to all three floors. White and dark gray Carrara marble dominate, while matching monochromatic photographs and Palladian windows frame the space. Louix XV and Empire-style furnishings perch beautifully amongst the zebra-print rugs, Art Deco chandeliers, all things considered the space resembles an opulent women’s club. Bridal wear, shoes, handbags, jewelry, apparel, and gifts are the main offerings at this elusive door to the world of luxury, its Blanche, 22 Faubourg, Tailoring and Denim capsules, as well as whimsical Lanvin tchotchkes like umbrellas, stationary, playing cards, music boxes and hand painted porcelain dolls are also showcased. And with a tip of our hat, we say, “It could only be Lanvin.”