John Varvatos Bowery

An iconic rock and roll venue that previously smelt of sweat, stale beer, and cigarettes has been respectively transformed into a haven for leather jackets and Converse shoes by designer to today’s rock stars, John Varvatos. CBGB, the legendary New York punk club, used to occupy the space at 315 Bowery, but now the newly built stage is strewn with pairs of distressed-leather boots, and a weathered Marshall & Wendell piano doubles as a display table for graphic T-shirts, while the original makeshift wallpaper of graffiti and show posters remains. Varvatos even sells audio equipment, shelves of vinyl, and electric guitars alongside his minimalist menswear. Varvatos pays his respects to what musically was by hosting in-store performances, so be on the lookout for sporadic shows.

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