Jil Sander

Jil Sander’s 6,300-square-foot, two-floor Soho flagship store is a veritable fun house of fashion. “You enter a mental space when you come inside,” says the artist who designed it.  With an air of restraint, austerity, modern refinement and casual elegance, the clean lines and open space of the German designer’s SoHo store perfectly complement the minimalist aesthetic and understated elegance of the clothing on display. Rotating mirrors and a runway of mannequins showcase Sander’s collection of sleek pieces like structured shift dresses upon entrance.  Lean, crisply tailored resort wear occupies the first floor, with slim-fitting suits and crinkled blazers for men up on the second floor. Intermittingly displayed throughout the space are slouchy handbags, leather goods and Sander’s fragrance collection. Jil Sander built this powerful brand through her commitment to refined tailoring and unsurpassed quality, and current creative director Raf Simons carries that minimalism to the maximum of its potential.