J.Crew Liquor Store

The Old Liquor Store, a TriBeCa tavern located for years in a landmark 1825 townhouse, still bears the same weathered façade and iconic neon sign. The original wood bar is still intact, old photographs remain on display, but the menu items have changed. What’s on tap nowadays won’t slur your words but it could become a dependency: J.Crew’s specialty men’s store has replaced the bourbons and gins with cashmere and khakis. This carefully curated collection of J. Crew favorites spotlights unique washes, quality fabrics and tailored design, mixing the current collection with limited collection and vintage pieces. And in spirits departed rather than distilled, even the decanters of liquors yore can still be found in certain crannies and nooks.  The store also hosts a variety of events so adding yourself to the mailing list is also a wise idea.