Golden Unicorn

Chinatown Dim Sum can be so mysterious, so wonderfully anonymous, that you could wander into a tiny storefront, pay your ten dollars for plate after plate of finger food, leave woozy and full, stumble around a bit, and then realize you have no idea where you just ate. Try as you might to find this place again, you can’t. Perhaps, for some, Golden Unicorn is one of those places. Once inside the entrance, on a side street off East Broadway, you’ll take a slightly disconcerting elevator ride up a floor, then pass by walls done up in marble affixed with so much Chinese decor it borders on cheesy. But no matter — the dining room, all done up in red with the occasional golden Chinese symbol, you’ll see a series of nicely dressed waiters serving up some of the finest Dim Sum in the city. The deep fried shrimp is blasted with lemon pepper flavor, the dumplings made in-house and mouthwatering, and the duckling tongues are delicious (promise). If those three examples aren’t your cup of tea, there are literally another 100 Dim Sum options waiting for you to order them.

Oh, and bring a translator: no one working here speaks English. Hey, you wanted authentic, you got authentic!