A sleek, white, heaven-like interior on Lafayette is home to an exceptional Italian restaurant that feels like a bit of Florence on the Lower East Side. Eponymously christened by the acclaimed Florentine chef, Iacopo Falai, the dishes are challenging to pinpoint – tradition with a contemporary spin is the general consensus. But one description of Falai’s menu cannot be disputed: they are all made with love. Let us count the ways: Polenta Bianca with chicken liver, dried dates and wild mushroom “Vellutata,” hand-rolled eggless pasta, with marsala braised boar ragu, aged herb pecorino and summer truffles, Pancetta-wrapped monkfish with acqua pazza, celery root, feral and scallop. The wine list carries their finest compliments, the dessert menu will send you on an ethereal departure: we swear that their passion fruit soufflé and profiteroles are air-spun by angels.


Photo credit: NY Eater