Erica Weiner

As the story goes, Erica Weiner’s first piece of jewelry was crafted while working in the fashion industry and living in the Lower East side after graduating from university with a degree in art history. Often described as beautiful and addictive, Weiner found herself years later far from her humble beginnings. What started as an excuse to wear something new quickly flourished into a full line with its very own store in downtown New York. Expertly constructed, Erica’s pieces evoke whimsical and sentimental themes, drawing those that wear her collection- a favorite amongst New Yorkers and celebrities alike- coming back for more time and time again. The antique-inspired jewelry line is made of her own designs or partnered up with vintage pieces from flea markets, taxidermy catalogues, and museum dealers. Situated in the buzzing NoLiTa, the retail gem also features an assortment of vintage accessories, wedding rings, and a range of jewelry, of which all compliment the designer’s distinguished aesthetic.