Del Posto

Del Posto is the swanky Meatpacking District dining destination of Mario Batali’s restaurant empire. Promising a “true Italian trattoria experience,” Del Posto offers thoughtful, experienced service paired with an expansive space where tables aren’t stacked on top of each other – a luxury in the New York City restaurant world. As far as the food, expect to use a dictionary (or consult your knowledgable waitstaff) to decipher the equally authentic and delicious items on the menu. Pumpkin cappellacci (hat-shaped pasta) with brown butter and brutti ma buoni (meringue-like Italian cookie with crisp exterior and soft, chewy interior) not only shows the delicate simplicity of Batali’s Italian cooking, but melts in the mouth for a true explosion of flavor. Ordering the ‘burnt beef’ entree with charred spring onions, parmigiano zeppole & tomato raisins may be the best decision you make. If you’re ready to be wined and dined all night long, two tasting menu options (five or eight-courses) are available as well. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or enjoying a more intimate evening, Del Posto remains a perfect place for those with good taste, big appetites, and deep pockets.