Native Brit turned resident Brooklynite Sweetu Patel has amassed an impressive collection of traditional menswear in his staccato-titled and minimally-decorated shop C’H’C’M.  Positioned in close proximity to some pretty fierce competition such as Rogan, Billy Reid, and Oak NYC, C’H’C’M has held its own since 2010 on account of Sweetu’s knack forselecting brands – mostly British – that carry with them a great deal ofclassicism and a bit of panache.

While many may first come for the long-standing favorites such as Gloverall, Drakes of London, Monitaly, and Ovadia and Sons; they may leave with a newfound preference for labels like Diemme, Chauncey,Levenham, Uniform Ware, Seil Marschall, and R6 that are hitting American soil for the first time.  The seemingly effortless way the clothes complement one another is a testament to Sweetu’s seasoned instinct; his first go at a shop was in his own apartment in Brooklyn, where the name originated and was subsequently abbreviated: Clinton Hill Classic Menswear.

The modern gentleman will agree that C’H’C’M is a one-stop-shop for timeless style and consistent quality that will certainly stand the test of time.