Café Select

A dash of Europe in the heart of Soho, Café Select is a quaint restaurant and bar serving Swiss delicacies on the corner of Lafayette and Kenmare. The lighting is romantic and dim, with a weave of strand lights on the ceiling providing a warm atmosphere for diners. Outdoor seating with seasonal heat lamps makes for the perfect Soho people-watching destination. Café Select’s menu is comprised of dainty fresh salads, like a Rocket Salad with arugula, shaved fennel, and hearts of palm, to more hearty dishes like Veal Schnitzel, a favorite of many locals. For the table, Zucchini Chips served alongside hummus, tzatsiki and spicy feta are a great starter or snack at the bar.

The real star of the show at Café Select is its fondue offering; tucked away behind the kitchen is a secret room housing cozy banquettes, a disco ball, and a tiny bar, where diners get together for fondue pots and cocktails. The fondue is sold per person and comes with an endless supply of crusty French bread, charcuterie and fresh vegetables for dipping. It will transport you from après-shopping to après-ski in a matter of minutes.