Café Habana

How’s this for Latin American: Located in a former old-school Dominican diner and inspired by a Mexico City lunch joint, Café Habana’s food is 100% Cuban. This divey eatery has few tables to serve its adoring masses – and that includes a bevy of celebrity endorsements – so prepare for a considerable wait. As they say though, good things come to those who do: the perfectly seasoned, roasted pork on the famous Cuban sandwich is juicier than a peach. Their grilled steaks and sautéed chicken are just as needy of extra napkins. No meal at Café Habana is complete without the Mexican-style grilled corn, a mixture of fresh corn topped with chili powder, melted cojita cheese and lime that comes with a cup of individually wrapped toothpicks. Keep thirst quenched with an ice-cold margarita, mojito or Mexican Coke and enjoy your table while you have it – who knows how many people are waiting to snap it up.