Burger & Barrel

Burger & Barrel, the chic beef-heavy spot on the northern edge of Soho, is much more than just the meaty American favorite highlighted in the name. There are delicious middle-school style tater tots, short rib and grilled shrimp tacos, and intricate pasta dishes like duck lasagna and butternut squash raviolis. Mondays also bring prix-fixe lunch & dinner specials that can’t be beat for carnivorous diners. And now onto our feature presentation…

Among the charms to behold at B&B is their habit of cutting the burgers in half. A simple gesture, sure, but it does more than make the behemoth easier to eat: it reveals the full cross-section of the creations. This quirk is best applied to the White Truffle Burger, a $45 miracle that, when on the menu (the fantastic fungi have to be in season), drives diners into a frenzy. It’s a sight to be seen when it’s sliced down the middle. On top of Pat LaFrieda meat goes ample salt and pepper, and once the pink outsides start browning it’s topped with tangy Robiola cheese, while toasted buns get slathered on the underside with truffle aioli. After the patty is grilled to perfection and placed on the bun, on goes a heap of shaved rare white truffle. Then, of course, it’s cut in half, letting the patron see exactly what went into the very pricey burger. Look for it when white truffle season is back in full bloom.

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