“Bubby’s Pie Company” is the real full name here, which makes perfect sense when you see the old-fashioned rotating pie case filled with lattice-top apples and frothy meringues like Mom used to make. Over the last 20 years, the rest of the spaces became a beacon of homecooking too. Upscale comfort food includes special mac ’n’ cheeses, like the Millport Dairy sharp white cheddar and cornflake crumb crust. And how about the homemade potato chips with blue cheese sauce? The buttermilk biscuits are their signature, and a must. Nosh on one with the arugula and parmesan salad, followed by the jalapeño hush puppies with chipotle dip. Everything is made-to-order, including the grapefruit soda and the spicy hot chocolate (with jalapeno – hello!) And that apple pie in the spinning case by the way? It’s New York State apple whiskey crumble – talk yourself into it… and save a slice for us.