Blaue Gans

Blaue Gans, or “Blue Goose,” is chef Kurt Gutenbrunner’s TriBeCa treasure, an authentic homage to the traditional wholesome wirtshaus (Austrian pub). Hidden on quiet Duane Street, Gans boasts a traditional Prussian menu with all the classics you’d expect like schnitzels, strudels, sausages and sauerkraut – masterfully done, of course. More adventurous eaters will be rewarded with such majesties as the Kavalierspiitz, quark dumplings and a stellar Blutwurstgröstl. Eight Bavarian beers on tap and an excellent Austrian wine selection pair symbiotically, and desserts like Salzburger Nockerl – an exquisite Austrian soufflé – are well worth their (feather) weight in gold. Unlike most upscale restaurants, Blaue Gans is kid-friendly, serving up $9 dishes for the little ones.  Sliders, schnitzel, even an iced tea with mint, which will make them feel as grown up as you. Atmosphere-wise, the walls are lined with vintage film and art posters, the air filled with the convivial laughter of satisfied adults and kids from all the brownstones nearby.

Photo credit: Wayne Surber