Dear pharmaceutical industry, we’ll be at Apotheke.  Located on a hidden street in Chinatown, this former opium den was transformed into a specialty cocktail bar, tipping its hat to the absinthe dens of 19th Century Paris, with a dash of old-fashioned apothecary thrown in. Featuring over 250 house cocktails and a rotation of over 500 bottles of liquor from around the world, the cure to any ailment must be here. Tell one of the lab-coat wearing bartenders your symptoms, who will then proceed to craft your beverage with the meticulousness of a chemist in the lab. Prices are steep, but the ‘prescriptions’ are well worth it. Like the Femme Fatale – a serendipitous combination of fresh watermelon, vodka, rosemary, Aperol and lime, or the Opium Uplifter, made from South American herbs and botanicals soaked in a Guatemalan rum essence, finished with house bitters. GrandLife Rx: Drink two and call us in the morning.

What the locals are saying
Esther Houston Writer & Curator

Live Jazz - need I say more?

Alex Davis Designer & Owner, Cobra Society

It's around the corner from my studio, and dark