When the luxury building Soho Mews donated a storefront space to The Art Production Fund for a five-year period, the group’s innovative juices began to flow.  The result?  APF Lab, a space designed for “creative experiments.”  Artists, designers, musicians and the like are invited to create performances, happenings, pop up shops and other ongoing installations. The idea is to provide people with a place to present creative works outside of their normal practice. Some exhibits take place in the storefront, while others invite the spectator to enter the Lab for a more participatory experience. Case in point: The inaugural project BlueBalls was conceived by the New York–based painter Jackie Saccoccio and involved 15 artists who painted on the walls of the lab one after the other, spanning a period of six weeks. The project aims to create a collective, work-in-progress installation that people can see from the outside through the glass front.  A space unlike any other, APF lab is a trip worth channeling your inner guinea pig for—but call ahead, as the hours fluctuate depending on what’s showing.