There’s a reason that there is a line out the door of this postage-stamp sized Soho storefront every day around noon. It’s certainly not the atmosphere- the décor of vaguely Italian knick-knacks could be the spare room in your grandmother’s apartment, and definitely not the friendliness- the signs decreeing “no cellphones” “no substitutions” “no credit cards” and equally stern matron bring Seinfeld’s iconic Soup Nazi to mind. What brings the crowd are some of the best sandwiches to be found anywhere in New York: monstrous piles of authentic Italian cold cuts and fresh spreads over a choice of just-baked breads, including an incredible focaccia that’s sure to be gone if you stop by too late. It’s pricey for sure, sandwiches can easily top $15 when all accounted for, but Alidoro is one of the few places that are completely worth it.